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About @FoodTechAus

@FoodTechAus provides a community destination and information hub for food industry professionals, new business start ups and companies involved in the use of digital technology to support the restaurant & food industry in Australia. We publish news and articles, organize MeetUp events, and promote services to help these companies succeed.

As a start up, you may be a developing a new smart phone app which allows customers to order their food before arriving at a restaurant, shortening wait times and driving higher revenues for restaurants.  Perhaps you’re an established technology company which offers a food tracking a technology that lets customers track which farm their package of supermarket tomatoes came from, or an improved on-line loyalty program that drives extra foot traffic to less marketing-savvy, smaller restaurants. Maybe you’re a restaurant owner trying to increase customer aquisition and retention, and need to make sense of all this digital technology stuff.

We focus on:

  • Driving the digital discussion, focusing on the use of on-line technology, data and mobile solutions which help the food industry succeed.
  • Connecting food start ups with the resources they need to succeed -  information on industry developments, connecting potential partners, and helpful tips  / services which can help them set up their new ideas.
  • Food. We are passionate about our Australian food industry and believe in its success.
  • Promoting the role technology has in driving industry change and growth.
  • The Australian perspective. Where does Oz fit into the broader food + digital tech picture?

Join us in the discussion:

  • CLICK HERE to check out our next MeetUp event dates.
  • If you are a start up, CLICK HERE to check out some of our articles focusing on topics which should be of interest to you.
  • CHECK OUT our food industry area with trends and infographics on recent topics facing the industry.

@FoodTechAus’s Founders:

  • Kevin has a 15 year background in data-driven marketing and food entrepreneurship.  A Masterchef Australia alumni (Season 4) with 2 food tech start ups under his belt (Stadium Grub Australia and Dinner’s Ready Australia), he’s passionate about ‘the little guys’ living their dreams out loud, all things food, and the eternal search for the world’s best burger.
  • Liz Kaelin, a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist by profession, is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Foodie of on-line catering curator You Chews Australia.  You Chews is currently one of only a handful of companies chosen to be part of Telstra-sponsored accelerator Muru-D in Sydney.

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